What We Do

Midan Fire Engineering combine project management, mechanical installation and construction capabilities to provide our clients with a turnkey package to deliver fire engineering projects, we specialise in carrying out installation and remedial works to sprinkler systems, underground mains, dry risers and domestic and residential occupancies.

We differ from other companies as we are able to provide the associated construction services involved in fire engineering works, this sets us apart from our competition.

Delivering Quality

Our Mission

Our goals are to leave our clients happy with the level of service they are given by delivering quality, it is to deliver projects on time, it is to be cost efficient for our clients, it is to build relationships with customers which last longer than just a particular project and through this to be there to lean on in an emergency.

Our Aim

Our aim is to give our clients a higher level of service, we achieve this by combining our mechanical and construction activities.

This multidisciplined approach has many benefits for our clients.

Reduced workload for our clients as they have fewer on site contractors to manage.

Fewer contractors results in streamlined programmes and reduced project timescales.

Higher level of efficiency across the board which in turn directly reduces cost for our clients.

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